User Experience (UX) Testing

User Experience (UX) Testing


Strong computer literacy, communication skills to document issues with websites so they can be reproduced by a developer


Prior UX design or UX testing experience, knowledge of web accessibility






As needed

No meetings requiredRemoteAsynchronous
Future Opportunities

Additional UX testing and design opportunities for new projects

Overview is developing new web products that support purposeful data communication. As a part of this work, we need user experience testing to ensure that the products we are delivering are achieving their intended impact.

The user experience testing process includes testing web products on desktop & mobile, in different browsers, and using web accessibility tools. Through the testing process, the tester will document issues they encounter, whether they are technical, visual, or just confusing.

Right now, our needs for user experience testing is intermittent, but we’re opening this opportunity now to ensure we have availability when the needs arise. No schedule commitment is required to apply. We’ll notify you when work will be coming available and you can work to fit it to your schedule.


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