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What’s purposeful data communication?

Purposeful data communication is how we use data to inform a more just, sustainable, peaceful, and joyous future. From maps and charts to stories, visual frameworks, interactive applications, and tools; we think beyond data visualization to help build new systems for progress.

What’s a product studio?

We design and build digital products. We bring together expert designers, developers, data scientists, and community organizers to create custom teams for each project.

What’s different?

  • we do purposeful work only, for ourselves and for the planet
  • custom team-first approach, leveraging cross-disciplinary specialists
  • asynchronous, collaborative, and versatile
  • shipping fast, iterating often
  • worker-owned cooperative (soon!)

Why a porpoise?

How do I work with you?

Schedule a 15-minute call or email us and we’ll get the conversation started!

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